Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

The femininity of pants: Your sex and gender morning roundup

March 25, 2011 - 09:00 AM
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DOES GOD WANT WOMEN TO WEAR PANTS? Considered: "I believe that it has to do with what culture and time period you live in.There is no way that any of us can deny that we know the difference between men’s clothing and women’s clothing. Even in today’s society, when the look is becoming more androgynous, there is still a distinction, and hence the reason why there is a ladies’ section and a men’s section in every department store you enter," writes True Femininity on the issue. "Though pants have fallen into common usage today, I believe it would have have been wrong for Christian women of that day to have participated in such a rebellious and shocking movement. . . . At the time women were beginning to wear pants, showing a division between the legs was considered incredibly immodest. Today this is not viewed in the same light. In some cases, wearing skirts and dresses is actually more immodest and less appropriate."

AFTER THE JUMP: Protesting the treatment of Bradley Manning in Va.; the Walk for Choice returns; more on pants!

BUT BACK TO THE PANTS: When considering donning a skirt, true femininity must be weighed against immodesty, particularly when among the poor: "Yesterday when I headed over to a dangerous neighborhood with my roommate to tutor underprivileged students, I knew that pants were the only sensible option. We are already incredibly conspicuous because of the differences between us and the rest of the people living in the neighborhood and wearing a skirt would only draw more inappropriate attention and stares our way. In cases like this, blending in is a matter of safety and good sense."

BRADLEY MANNING inspires protests at Quantico. On one side, reports the Washington Blade: "The line of riot police, hooded with glass visors and carrying truncheons and heavy shields, standing silent at first, shoulder to shoulder, buffed out with padded body armor, flanked by other riot police with lunging dogs, and other hulking men carrying automatic weapons, and even an armored Humvee, its engine running, and the full line now several hundred strong." And on the other: "A line of demonstrators walking forward, toward the police, linking their arms also, but singing while walking down Virginia Route 1, not carrying weapons but bouquets, to deliver flowers to the foot of the Iwo Jima monument there, the replica statue at the gates of the Quantico Marine Corps Base."

THE LATEST harassment reports from Holla Back DC: "You've got pretty legs"; the repeat Metro harasser; indecent exposure at the morning commute.

THE WALK FOR CHOICE rides again this weekend, but not in D.C. as of yet.

BISHOP HARRY JACKSON calls for "civility" in the fight over gay marriage. Here is Jackson's idea of civil discourse: "On the wings of the poll’s release [finding that a majority of Americans back same-sex marriage], Vice President Joe Biden appeared on ABC News touting this poll loudly, declaring that legalization of same-sex marriage is inevitable. As he graced the screen with his visage, he did not seem like a statesman. His message and demeanor were that of a used car salesman. You know the kind - they will tell you whatever you want to hear - in hopes that you will just sign on the dotted line."

HOMOPHOBIC GAMERS pwned by the makers of Dragon Age 2.


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