Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Body-shaming through history: Your sex and gender morning roundup

April 22, 2011 - 09:00 AM
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Pregnancy on trial. (Photo: Associated Press)

WOMEN VICTIMIZED BY ABORTION, ANTI-ABORTION LAWS: From the Nation: "In recent years, women in several states have faced arrest and imprisonment for the crime of ending their pregnancies, or merely attempting to do so. For decades now, feminists have warned about a post–Roe v. Wade world in which women are locked up for having abortions. Antiabortion activists dismiss such fears as propaganda. 'The pro-life position has always been that women are victimized by abortion,' says the Priests for Life website, which has a page of sample letters to the editor meant to refute claims that abortion bans could lead to women being prosecuted. 'In fact, we have repeatedly rejected the suggestion that women should be put in jail, much less executed.' But as abortion rights weaken and fetuses are endowed with a separate legal identity, women are being put in jail."

AFTER THE JUMP: Entering and exiting a dungeon; the fight for gay marriage continues; body-shaming through history:

SLUTWALK expands to Austin.

DIVORCED VS. WIDOWED: "Statistically speaking," Dr. Laura informs a widower who recently reentered the dating scene, "Somebody who's come from a loving relationship where they really miss their spouse is more likely going to have a more positive attitude toward marriage and love and caretaking than someone who's come from a bitter relationship of anger, resentment, and angst."

SEXIST IMAGERY for skeptics.

BODY-SHAMING through history.

ON MARRIAGE EQUALITY's chances: "the marriage equality movement has gone far beyond harboring romantic hopes of a Prince Charming showing up and solving all our problems for us," RIck Rosendall writes at GLAA Forum. "Our collective multi-pronged effort, from the legislatures to the courts to the culture, is increasing the support by our fellow citizens for legal protection for our families. That will affect politician's calculations as to how far they can go. The fact that Obama has been dropping these hints suggests that he is noticing the changing climate." From a recent campaign stop in San Francisco:

gracefully enter and exit a fetish dungeon.

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