Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Bully free D.C., one way or another: Your sex and gender morning roundup

April 21, 2011 - 09:00 AM
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No bullying on spring break. (Photo: Associated Press)

VINCE GRAY has declared today "Bully Free DC." “Bullying is a problem that is increasingly terrorizing more young people at school,” Gray said in a statement. “Bully Free DC Day will help combat this problem . . . I call upon all the residents of this great city to join me in increasing public awareness about the growth and ill effects of the behavior we know as bullying.” City officials and LGBT activists are scheduled to speak at a noon rally.

INDEED, there will be no bullying in District schools today. As listserv commenter Sean Wieland noted, DCPS is currently on Spring Break.

AFTER THE JUMP: Reporting a public masturbator; sex graphs; hate crime stats in D.C.:

NUMBERS GAME: "D.C.'s hate-crime statistics are four-times greater than the national average," Metro Weekly reports. And D.C. police hope to see those figures increase: "[W]e're seeing better reporting,'' police chief Cathy Lanier said at a recent hate crimes forum. ''And we're seeing reporting in areas of the city where we know it's been going on for years. We're going to see reporting improve with time. It's our ultimate goal.''

THE GAY CURIOUS MAP of the United States: Gay curiousness strong in Oregon, Washington, New Mexico; weak in Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma; moderate in Utah.

ELSEWHERE IN SEX GRAPHS: Men become increasingly comfortable stating an interest in "rough sex" with age.

WHAT HAPPENS when you report a public masturbator: "After some hesitation and apparent confusion on the library staff person’s part, he picked up the phone and called security, but security did not pick up," writes a woman who was approached by a man with an exposed penis in MLK Library. "It wasn’t until a different gentleman at the table behind us spoke up and told the library staff person to call security again and tell them what this man was wearing that he made the second call. Meanwhile, the pervert sat for another minute at the table and then casually exited the room and walked towards the staircase. I should also note that the room was full of people who obviously heard what was going on and not a single person stood up, and only the one gentleman spoke up. Security didn’t come to the room, but the library staff person walked me downstairs to the security desk and I explained a security guard what happened and put the incident in writing. Once I was downstairs I saw that someone had broken a glass panel at the library’s entrance (a completely separate incident by a different person). This at lea st provides a partial explanation for why security didn’t answer to the call upstairs." THE FOLLOW-UP: "I went back to follow-up and explain my disappointment with the slow response time from the library staff. No, they did not find the gentleman. However, I was pleased that the library staff person (who reacted very slowly to the whole situation) had discussed the situation with his manager. I then spoke to his manager, a very concerned woman, and she told me that she had already planned to discuss the incident with the director and use it as a learning tool for the staff."

LAST FALL: First gay bar opens in Fairfax, Va. THIS SPRING: The first "Mr. Fairfax" is crowned.

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