Sex and gender at work, in bed, and on the street

Debating trans rights, D.C. abortions, and Phyllis Schlafly: Your sex and gender morning roundup

April 5, 2011 - 09:00 AM
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Abortion not a (Photo: Associated Press)

144 G.W. students will live in gender-neutral on-campus housing in the fall, the first semester the option is being made widely available to students.

GAY PARENTS could get a much-needed boost from Va. Governor Bob McDonnell this month. McDonnell is currently weighing a proposal that would "force state-licensed private and church-run agencies to allow unmarried couples—heterosexual or homosexual—to adopt children." State Del. Bob Marshall has spoken out against the initiative, which he has called a “radical anti-family proposal.” According to the Washington Post, Marshall "does not even think single people should adopt, which is currently allowed by law."

AFTER THE JUMP: Sady Doyle v. Phyllis Schlafly; Kathleen Parker supports women's rights, as long as they don't include abortions; G.W. girls move in with G.W. boys:

MORGAN MENESES-SHEETS of Equality Maryland takes to the pages of the Baltimore Sun in a last-ditch effort to push trans protections through in the state. "Right now it is a fact that 1 in 5 transgender Marylanders were fired and 12 percent have experienced homelessness because of who they are. More than 70 percent have been harassed on the job. This is unacceptable and must end this year," Meneses-Sheets writes. But commenters aren't convinced. "HB235 provides necessary protections regarding employment and housing. It also explicitly legitimises forcing trans people to be put at the back of the bus, refused service at lunch counters, refused treatment by medics, and refused access to any restrooms at all, not just 'white only' ones," one commenter weighs in. "Other minorities can't be treated this way, HB235 explicitly states that Trans people can."

KATHLEEN PARKER urges the U.S. government to prioritize women's rights in foreign policy—to a point. "Such a simple concept, empowering women. Except that in a country where men feel free to throw acid in the faces of little girls trying to attend school, it is not so simple. In a nation where child marriage and 'honor killings' are still accepted custom, it is not so easy," Parker writes. "It is too bad, meanwhile, that we are restricted in these discussions by terminology that rings of cliche. 'Women’s rights' sounds too much like debates about abortion and subsidized day care. What we’re really talking about is basic human rights. The freedom to work, to make decisions about one’s own life, to seek an education and to be safe to walk on the streets without a male escort. To be fully human, in other words."

SADY DOYLE ON PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY: "Her ideas won’t succeed, because they simply aren’t practical: Being financially dependent on a partner restricts one’s ability to get out of an abusive relationship, it’s nearly impossible to provide for a family on a single income, and it becomes less likely every day that lesbians and bisexual women are going to attach themselves to a husband instead of going out to meet their wives," Doyle writes of Shlafly's new book. "Her crusade, however deeply felt, is a flawed one, and she’ll lose it, simply because she hasn’t provided any workable alternative to women beyond 'full legal and social rights.' (Not that there ARE a lot of more enticing options, mind you.) But the real irony is not the fact of Schlafly’s career, but the effects of it. By campaigning for women to leave the public sphere, Phyllis Schlafly has paved the way for a huge number of ambitious, professional, highly successful conservative women."

THE GOP's proposed stop-gap budget includes a provision ensuring that local and federal funds won't go toward any abortion in the District of Columbia.

FEMALE MBAs at G.W. drop by 7 percent;


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