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Opponents of Md. trans bill react to its death

April 12, 2011 - 10:40 AM
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Trans opponents testify in front of Maryland legislature

Two perspectives on the killing of the Maryland trans anti-discrimination bill, from groups who opposed the legislation:

First up: From Ruth Jacobs, president of the Citizens for Responsible Government, who opposed the bill because it went too far in outlawing discrimination against trans people:

"YOU DID IT!!!! . . . We know that this bill will probably be back next year. However, if need be, we are committed to working even harder next year, especially as we continue to find more and more information which uncovers the extreme and unexpected consequences of 'gender identity' legislation. For example, at the hearing, Senator Muse asked whether HB 235 would force the Boy Scouts to hire a transgender person. The answer was 'YES' -- HB 235 would force Boy Scouts to hire a transgender person. As we have stated before, NO ONE has studied what this would do to the gender identity of these impressionable youth."


And from Jenna Fischetti, media director of Trans Maryland, who opposed the bill because it didn't go far enough in outlawing discrimination against trans people:

"Today is not a day to celebrate, for it is still one more year without the critical and necessary public accommodations protections for transgender Marylanders and those transgender individuals merely visiting our state. Today is a day to remember that every November 20 we hold a vigil, a Day of Remembrance Service for those we lost due to violence because they are transgender or transsexual. That with HB 235 or without it, the list will grow longer until full protections are in place. It must be the stated goal of every transgender person in Maryland and any like minded ally, in or out of our state, transgender or not, to see the day that we stop adding to that list. TransMaryland believes the goal of every member of Maryland's transgender community should be the day in which the Governor of Maryland signs into law an anti-discrimination bill which includes public accommodations protections based on gender identity. Today is not a victory for our community as we have no such bill to present to the Governor. We wish to thank our allies for their support in fighting for that goal, both now and in the future."


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