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Get laid to the death of Osama bin Laden

May 2, 2011 - 01:00 PM
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Inspiration, for some. (Photo: Associated Press)

"im a pleaser ladies, hit me back if you want to be pleased. . . . can't believe Osama is dead." — "multiple orgasms" - m4ww - 23 (pg)

"Forreal. Osama bin Laden has been killed...Any georgetown or gw students still awake and up to celebrate? If so, hit me up =) I know this is really ridiculous, but seriously. Let's hookup." — "Osama is dead! Let's celebrate!" - w4m - 20 (georgetown)

"Im tall, educated, 24, handsome, and was given the day off for this occasion. Get back to me for my # and to set up details. Sooner the better!" — "Osama is dead! Day off and I want to celebrate it with some NSA" - m4w - 24 (Foggy Bottom)

 "Just like our American helicopters went down on Bin Laden's mansion in Pakistan, I think the appropriate thing to do would also involve this American going down (on you), but in a much friendlier way. Okay, so that was a bit of a stretch for a pun, but I do think it's a great way for two of us Americans (whatever background you may be... as long as you're female) to celebrate!" — "How to celebrate the demise of Osama Bin Laden" - m4w - 36 (Tysons / Reston)

"We were at the White House together for the 'Osama is dead' sing-a-long watching people climb the lights to tie up American flags. You had a piercing around your lip and a pretty badass looking shoulder tattoo. You and your friend kept thanking my roommate and I for holding our bikes up and keeping the crowd from you. Why the hell didn't I ask your name?" — "You: Pierced lip/shoulder tattoo, Me: holding up a bike" - m4w - 24 (White House)

"Married guy excitied about our country and its slow accomplihsments. Looking for one or two buddy to come up, strip, and see what happens." — "Osama bin Laden is dead! Lets Party" - 35 (Grand Hyatt)

"Army reservist here, in a great mood as is everyone. Why not celebrate by hooking up with a military guy? Served in Bosnia and Afghanistan, getting ready to launch over there again. . . . Looking for a woman who's attractive and would like to thank a serviceman personally :)" — "Celebrate Osama's death with a military guy" - m4w - 41 (Arlington)

"Looking for super hot roleplay session where I play Osama and you play Obama. I want to reenact the scene of his death but this time I want it to end with hot topping butt sex action. Oh baby, choke me with my turban, you Oval Office stud. It would help if you'd be willing to recite his speech on the matter while I blow you." — "I'll be Osama, You be Obama" (bottom 4 top) (White House)

Thanks to Legba for the find.

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  1. TABD


    May 30, 2011 - 11:01:06 PM

    I guarantee you that the 41 year-old army reservist in arlington got laid. At the very least, some hooker offered him a major discount.

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  2. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht

    May 03, 2011 - 12:05:35 AM

    Say what you will about Osama bin Laden, at least he got that bloody Royal Wedding off Page One.

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  3. RedbirdE


    May 02, 2011 - 04:05:50 PM

    TBD has officially rendered itself completely irrelevant. I'm out.

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