July 2, 2012 - 02:40 PM
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3 1/2 STARS

Brave - Pixar knows what they're doing and proves it again

Moonrise Kingdom - Director Wes Anderson's latest quirky project - a story about preteen love set in 1965 - a playful delight


The Amazing Spider-Man - More intense reboot of the superhero series from the early 2000s

Savages (R) - Oliver Stone creates another energetic crime drama

To Rome with Love - Woody Allen visits Italy and weaves together several funny love stories

Prometheus - director Ridley Scott takes a team of scientists to a distant planet in an attempt to discover the origins of mankind

Snow White and the Huntsman - Dark reboot of the fairytale - with a great turn by Charlize Theron as the evil queen and Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Men in Black 3 - Will Smith's time jump in 1969 to save Tommy Lee Jones

Bernie - Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine - true story of the murder of the meanest woman in a small Texas town

Hysteria - Hugh Dancy plays the doctor who invents the vibrator with Maggie Gyllenhaal as a liberated woman who teaches him a lesson

The Dictator (R) - Jaw dropping satire with Sasha Baron Cohen as a middle eastern dictator on a visit to America

The Avengers - Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Thor save the planet. Whew, that was close

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - great cast of senior actors as senior citizens who retire to India

2 1/2 STARS Magic Mike (R) - Channing Tatum strips


Ted (R) - Adventures of Mark wahlberg and his foul mouthed teddy bear

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (R) - Who knew?

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - Love story downer


People Like Us - Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks labor in third rate soap opera

Rock of Ages - Overdone tribute to 1980's music based on a Broadway musical

That's My Boy - School kid gets his teacher pregnant - Adam Sandler lowball

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