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Redskins camp in their own words

August 19, 2010 - 12:00 PM
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Redskins training camp wrapped up at Ashburn today with a morning practice that featured the players in shorts, helmets and no pads. The dress code was perfectly in keeping with Mike Shanahan's low-key, low-contact camp. Beginning next week, the Redskins will begin their normal, season-long practice schedule, but the time of two-a-days is at an end. I caught up with a few of the Redskins to get their thoughts. They're after the jump.

Cornerback Phillip Buchanon: "I love coach [Mike] Shanahan, man. The man knows how to run a training camp."

So you're OK with fewer pads and more afternoon walkthroughs, Phillip?

Buchanon: "This is the best camp I've ever had."

We'll take that as a yes.

Linebacker Chris Wilson: "It was a good training camp. It was challenging, both physically and mentally.The guys have been real dedicated. But we've still got a lot to do. The true tests are still to come in the preseason games and the regular season games. The first game was a good start, but we're hoping to look a lot better this weekend."

Linebacker Chris Draft: "Camp was good, but we're still going. We've been out here since March,really I've always considered training camp to be the whole preseason, not just when you break camp. We're definitely getting better, but it's easy to say 'Oh, I'm ready' now, but we'll see what happens when we need to be ready to perform."

Rookie tight end Logan Paulsen: "It was great. I got to be with these big-time players and big-time performers, and I learned a lot. It was very intense. Coach Shanahan really trusts players to put in the work and be in shape."

Head Coach Mike Shanahan: "We've had a great effort overall. It starts with the offseason training program, which I've talked about several times. We've also been a little lucky with injuries, and hopefully that'll continue."



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