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Another look at last night's Redskins game

September 3, 2010 - 10:10 AM
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Blades (54) and Chris Wilson (95) struggled for the Redskins last night (Photo: Associated Press)

As you know by now, the Redskins lost their final preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals last night by the score of 20-10. My colleague Mike Jones has a breakdown of how the most prominent players fighting for a roster spot fared, but I wanted to throw in my two cents. They're after the jump.

Who helped themselves: Robert Henson made six tackles and recorded a sack while playing like a wild man throughout the first half. Unfortunately, he also committed two holding penalties on special teams and had to leave in the third quarter after spraining his right knee trying to make another tackle. Devin Thomas, as Mike said, has probably done enough to make the team. Willie Parker displayed some good downhill running and, if nothing else, made a case for another team to pick him up if he doesn't make the Redskins roster. Terrence Austin sprang to life in the second half with five catches for 94 yards and a touchdown. Justin Tryon made a big interception in the end zone in the forth quarter, and was generally more solid than his secondary colleagues Ramzee Robinson, Byron Westbrook, and Kevin Barnes (though Robinson did have a fumble recovery on special teams).

Who hurt themselves: Brandon Banks fumbled the ball not once but twice last night, and had he not managed to recover both, he might have been cut right on the field at University of Phoenix Stadium. H.B. Blades showed some vulnerability in pass coverage, getting beat for a 27-yard play by Early Doucet on Artizona's first drive. Chris Wilson also had a game to forget, getting flagged for a face mask penalty in the first quarter, then lining up offside on a 3rd and 1 right after a timeout. Arizona later scored a touchdown on that possession.

The entire offensive line struggled last night, but Clint Oldenburg had a particular nightmare at his right tackle spot. He was constantly getting beat around the edge, and injury was added to insult when he left the game with an injury in the fourth quarter. Kory Lichtensteiger wasn't as consistently bad, but he did have one play where he allowed Kenny Iwebema to push him straight into Richard Bartel for a sack.


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