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Mike Rizzo: 'We need a No. 4 hitter. We want it to be Adam Dunn'

September 29, 2010 - 06:24 PM
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Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo had his end-of-the-season address to the media this afternoon here at Nationals Park just prior to tonight's game against the Phillies, which wraps up Washington's home schedule. Here were some of his most notable remarks.

On the need for more pitching help: "We need a front of the rotation guy to put everybody in their proper place in the rotation. That's the No. 1 priority going into the offseason. We definitely have depth -- prospect wise -- to pull off a deal for a pitcher."

On imitating the success of tonight's opponent, the Philadelphia Phillies, who have won four straight NL East titles and the 2008 World Series: "We're in the process of closing that gap, but we still have a long way to go. It starts with the starting rotation. Once we get that fixed right away, I think we’ll get that much closer. Right now, they have three stud front-end-of-the-rotation guys, and we just can't say that at this point."

On whether the team's other offseason moves are dependent on signing Adam Dunn: "We need a four-hole bat that can play first base. We understand that. We want it to be Adam Dunn. But if it isn't, we need to address that situation."

On whether Washington is an attractive destination for free agents: "Based on what I hear, and the responses I get from agents, this is a destination that players want to be at."


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