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Ted Leonsis vs. the Washington Examiner

October 21, 2010 - 12:39 PM
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So, this item from the Washington Examiner's "Yeas & Nays" blog caught our eye this morning. It seems that fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger held a charity fashion show, "Fashion's Fight Against MS" at the Washington Club Tuesday night.

Here is the second sentence of the Examiner piece:

About 200 people showed up to support the event, but "confirmed notables" Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis and Washington Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis were no-shows.

This morning, on his Ted's Take blog, Leonsis felt the need to respond to the Examiner article, with a post titled "Setting the Record Straight." It's quoted in full after the jump.




I wasn’t a “confirmed notable.”

I was invited to this event on Facebook. I was requested to ask some players to attend as well. I then asked for the date of this event.

There was one small detail. The Caps played a home game this night so none of us could attend - me nor the players. And the Wizards played on the road.

(Chamberlain note: These two statements are both true, obviously)

So there you go. Tommy Hilfiger, by the way, is a friend of mine and this is a good cause but I felt this was a cheap shot in this article. Let no good deed go unpunished. Thank you.

So, there you have it. I have calls out to Examiner reporters Katy Adams and Nikki Schwab, the authors of the item. We'll see if they have anything to say about this.



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