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Nationals Notes: the offseason story so far

November 17, 2010 - 01:55 PM
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Mike Rizzo: a man with a lot of decisions to make this offseason (Photo: TBD Staff)

So, with the exception of the Dan Uggla trade, it's been a relatively quiet offseason in Major League Baseball so far, especially since Cliff Lee apparently won't be taking any contract offers until after the winter meetings.

But the Nationals have doing a bit of sniffing around as they look to buttress their roster heading into next season. According to Bill Ladson of, those players who the Nats have an interest in include pitcher Jorge De La Rosa of the Colorado Rockies and free agents Willie Bloomquist and Miguel Cairo of the Cincinnati Reds and Aaron Miles of the St. Louis Cardinals.

So, what would each potential signing bring to the Nationals? Let's find out after the jump.

De La Rosa: Only threw 121.2 innings this past season as he struggled with a finger injury, but still gave a very good account of himself, finishing 2010 with a 4.22 ERA and a 1.315 WHIP, as well as a respectable 8.4 K/9 ratio. Remember, he put up those numbers in the hitters haven that is Coors Field, and you have to think he'd benefit from a move to the more pitcher-friendly Nationals Park. Also, throws a lot of ground balls (52.3%), which is a good trait for any pitcher to have Could be a very good number 2 starter if he cut down on his walks.

Bloomquist: Doesn't give you much on offense, but he is a versatile utility player who can play every position (bar pitcher and catcher if needed). Was much better as an infielder than as an outfielder last year, as these stats show. Not the kind of player you want playing everyday.

Miles: Much like Bloomquist, a similarly light-hitting utility man who could play just about every infield position (according to Baseball-Reference, he hasn't played in the outfield since 2008). His best positions, statistically speaking, are at second base and shortstop, and he might work best as a defensive replacement at one of those two positions.

Cairo: At age 36, he had a surprisingly good offensive season in 2010, OPS-ing .763 in 91 games for the NL Central-winning Reds. Given the fact that his batting average on balls in play (BABIP) was .320, and given that he played his home games in another hitter-friendly ballpark in Cincinnati, it's unlikely that he'd match 2010's production for whatever team signs him for 2011. Like Miles, Cairo's best position is second base, and whatever team signs him is best served having him make spot starts only.


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