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Bibby's buyout puts him in some exclusive company

March 1, 2011 - 12:46 AM
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Hi, Mike. Bye, Mike. (Photo: Associated Press)

I was caught up in NHL Trade Deadlineapalooza yesterday, and by the time I got a spare moment to write a post on this, everybody had beat me to it. But in case you missed the news, Mike Bibby, having played all of two games for the Washington Wizards after being acquired from the Atlanta Hawks in the Kirk Hinrich trade, agreed to a buyout from the Wizards Monday afternoon, reportedly conceding all (or nearly all) of the $6.2 million he was due next season. Reports are that Bibby, freed from the shackles of D.C., will head to South Beach to join the Miami Traveling Circus starring the Heatles.

Bibby's totals from his two games for the Wizards: 29 minutes, 1-for-9 FGs, 2 total points, 8 assists, 3 rebounds. As you can see, Bibby clearly left his mark on D.C.

Bibby's short tenure had me wondering how many other players had shone so briefly on Washington's NBA stage. A quick check of told me that Bibby's buyout makes him the 21st member of what I call the Two-Timers Club -- players who have played two games or fewer for the Bullets/Wizards franchise.

A full list of the standing membership is after the jump.

Two Games:

Dennis Stewart-Played two games with the 1970-71 Baltimore Bullets. Later jumped to the Floridians of the ABA.

Dewayne Scales-Played two games with the 1983-84 Bullets after signing a 10-day contract on January 19,1984.

Kevin Pritchard-Played two games with the 1995-96 Bullets after signing a 10-day contract on February 22, 1996.

Mel Peterson-Played two games with the 1963-64 Bullets. Didn't resurface in pro ball again until the 1967-68 season, with the ABA's Oakland Oaks.

Mike Peplowski-Signed with the Bullets on November 9, 1995, played in two games, and was waived on November 27.

Keith McCord-Played two games for the 1980-81 Bullets, and never played professionally again.

George Johnson-Played in two games during an 11-day stint with the Bullets in November 1985.

Mike Hall-The George Washington product played two games toward the end of the 2006-07 season and was waived the following October.

Claude Gregory- After being waived by the Bullets prior to the 1981-82 season without ever actually playing for them, Claude found his way onto the court for two games in January 1986, but wasn't asked to stay after the second of his two ten-day contracts expired.

Paul Davis- A bit player in the horror that was the 2009-10 Wizards season, Davis' stay with the Wizards didn't even last two months.

Lewis Brown-Another 10-day contract wonder, this time from January 1981.

Dave Britton-Like our last entry, another 10-day contract player, from December of 1980.

Etdrick Bohannon-Signed for the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season, Bohannon put up the following stat line: 2 games, 4 minutes, 2 turnovers. At least he has the best name of anyone on this list.

One Game:

Stan Washington-Drafted in May of 1974, waived that October, Washington played just four minutes and missed his only NBA shot.

Derek Strong- Signed to a ten-day contract on October 5, 1992, Strong was waived on October 14. That's right: Strong couldn't make it to the end of a ten-day contract.

Roger Strickland-The Rifle was the 8th overall pick in the 1963 NBA Draft In October of that year, the Bullets claimed him off waivers. What in the world?

Jimmy Oliver-This former Celtics legend (sarcasm) has the shortest tenure of anyone on this list. He was signed October 30, 1997 and waived two days later, on November 1.

Gaylon Nickerson-Signed the first of two ten-day contracts in February of 1997, and wasn't asked to stick around after that.

Steve Malovic-Bounced from Phoenix to Washington to San Diego to Detroit during his NBA career, and only played a total of 39 games.

Chris Corchiani-Trivia question: Who was the last player drafted by the Magic before Shaq dropped into their laps with the first pick of the 1992 Draft? Here's your answer.


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  1. Waxx Waxx

    Waxx Mann

    Mar 01, 2011 - 03:30:47 PM

    who wants to play for losers like the wizards anyway

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