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When will Clarendon get its Trader Joe’s?

May 31, 2011 - 10:21 AM
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ARLnow reports that the future Trader Joe’s on N. Highland Street in Clarendon shows little progress toward completion. The company’s suggestion back in November that the store would be ready by “mid-2011” looks next to impossible since no interior construction has even begun and the building permit is still listed as rejected.

What’s the holdup? Trader Joe’s wrangled a number of concessions out of the county board in November, including demands about parking, use of the loading dock, and outdoor merchandise displays, but as ARLnow learned, just filed construction permits in April. Among the litany of comments on its rejected building permit: a bunch of stuff pertaining to fire-resistant ratings, incorrect terminology, and trouble with a proposed elevator. Trader Joe’s comment to ARLnow was that the “mid-2011” promise was not actually a promise and that the store is on track to open by the end of the year.

ARLnow readers understandably lamented the delay of the store and expressed longing for Maple Pecan Clusters and Trex Mix.

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