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District Taco truck ‘full of guacamole’ after toppling over in Rosslyn

June 23, 2011 - 01:31 PM
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Photo courtesy of Osiris Hoil.

The saga of District Taco’s tipped truck this morning, first reported by ARLNow, continues. According to District Taco owner Osiris Hoil, the truck was on its way to Crystal City when the tow hitch broke around 7:30am.

“It happened just right there on Lynn Street and Lee Highway,” Hoil says, “and somehow, the truck just tipped over. It didn’t go forward or to the sides. We’re amazed that that happened.”

The truck suffered some exterior damage. Hoil is on his way to Home Depot now for some materials to aid in the repair, and his guys are working on the interior of the truck, which is named El Torito ("little bull").

“He’s full of guacamole right now,” Hoil says sadly. “And beans and rice.”

Hoil hopes to have El Torito up and running tomorrow, provided the gas lines are ok. “It looks like we’re going to be ok,” he says. “We got super duper lucky. We didn’t hurt anybody.” Hoil remains upset that his toppled truck caused major morning traffic and, of course, “that Crystal City didn’t get their tacos.”

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