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Gay couple involved in Safeway incident say they won’t sue

June 17, 2011 - 02:51 PM
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Jason Morgan and Brendan Harrington, the couple on the receiving end of a cashier’s nasty, homophobic comments at a Safeway last week, told Metro Weekly today that they will not take legal action against the store.

Morgan’s statements to Metro Weekly suggest that the bizarre series of events that played out this week might be over. On June 11, the couple was shocked to hear a cashier at their neighborhood Safeway twice call them “faggots.” The story, once reported by Metro Weekly and blog The Little Quadrant That Could, quickly sparked outrage on Twitter and demands for Safeway to apologize and terminate the cashier.

Things got weirder when an enterprising local resident went to the Safeway and recorded the cashier apologizing for calling Morgan and Harrington names.

The first Safeway apology was deemed insufficient by ANC Commission Andy Litsky on Thursday morning. By the end of the day, the company had issued a second, more thorough apology and the news that the cashier had been fired. Morgan and Harrington’s response remained a bit of a question mark, with the couple declining to say more until they had decided whether or not to take legal action against Safeway. (They had already filed a complaint with D.C.’s Office of Human Rights.)

But today the men announced that they were accepting Safeway’s apology and moving on.

Morgan added that they were “exhausted” by the entire affair and unsure if they would keep shopping at that location.

“It’s too embarrassing right now,” he said. “That’s the only reason we wouldn’t go back there. Maybe with time.”

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