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The world’s favorite foods

June 17, 2011 - 01:49 PM
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A new Oxfam study on what people eat and why reveals some interesting details about global cuisine—Time identifies some of the most fascinating details, like that Australia is the only country surveyed that ranked chocolate as its favorite food and that the three most popular foods in the world are pasta, meat, and rice.

No real surprises on the U.S. list (pizza, steak, chicken, etc). The Market Report was more drawn to Pakistan’s preferred foods list. Topped with vegetables (the only country to put veggies as no. 1!), the country’s other top eats include the highly specific (red curry with roti, no. 5), the unknown (fried mince, no. 14), and the unexpected (ladyfingers?! No. 12).

The study of course was more than a food popularity contest—Oxfam also surveyed participants on how often they have enough to eat, how diets have changed, and how cost and health are affecting what people eat. The worst news seemed to be out of Kenya. Thirty-nine percent of participants around the globe said they’ve changed their diets because food has gotten too expensive, but a full 79 percent of Kenyans said this was the case. Kenya also scored second-lowest on the question of having enough to eat—just 29 percent of Kenyans say they always have enough food, compared to 83 percent in the Netherlands.

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