From produce aisle to checkout lane: All things grocery in Washington

The least fancy food at the Fancy Food Show: The food that's for sale

July 12, 2011 - 02:22 PM
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One can work up quite an appetite roaming the corridors of the Fancy Food Show, but the endless olives, gourmet pastries, and luscious dips come only in tantalizing sample sizes; you can't buy a meal-sized portion.

If you want a meal at the Fancy Food Show, you better lower your expectations quickly. The only food for sale is the convention center's thoroughly unfancy, utterly pedestrian lineup of sandwiches, sodas, and fruit cups. And we're not talking about artisanal bread made from ancient grains with prosciutto and chipotle mayo, or a dish of organic starfruit. This is the Fancy Food Show, Convention Center. Show some respect.

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