From produce aisle to checkout lane: All things grocery in Washington

Buy groceries, give money to the children

September 13, 2011 - 12:54 PM
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School’s back in session, and that means the children need cash for all the books/field trips/music/arts programs that school districts around the country have been inclined to cut. Several local grocery chains make it easy for you to contribute to the school(s) of your choice by donating a percentage of your purchase payment. You have to use your store rewards card, and yes, that means they are tracking what you buy and possibly storing all this information for some nefarious purpose, but 4th Amendment rights violations are a small price to pay to help the children.

All of these programs require you to relink your store loyalty card every year. Here’s where to do it:

Between Oct. 7 and March 29, 2012, you earn one point for each dollar spent and triple points for any Healthy Idea labeled item. Customers can support up to three schools.

Harris Teeter
Until May 31, designate up to five schools to receive a percentage of your purchases with your VIC card

Safeway (through eScrip)
Up to 4 percent of purchases go to your designated schools (up to three). Safeway asks schools to designate 20 percent of their earnings to nutrition and fitness.


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