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Drama continues over proposed Ward 4 Walmart site

September 13, 2011 - 01:44 PM
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Lydia DePillis at Washington City Paper has the latest in the saga over the site of a proposed Walmart in Ward 4. After a week of accusations that Walmart's developer for the site, Foulger-Pratt, was conducting demolition without a permit, it turned out that an application had been filed--but with the wrong address. Seemed like Walmart was in the clear to raze the Car Barn, which sits on the site on upper Georgia Avenue, until, that is, opponents moved to get the building declared a landmark.

In a last-minute effort to halt Walmart's march on the neighborhood, Verna Collins of Walmart opposition group Ward 4 Thrives has submitted a landmark application for the Car Barn. The building has been a source of contention previously, with the D.C Preservation League fighting to save the century-old brick facility. Walmart smoothed things over by promising to include architectural elements and materials from the building into the new store.

Now that the landmark application has been submitted, however, Walmart's raze permit can't even be considered--the former trumps the latter. Now the raze permit can't be approved until the Historic Preservation Board considers Collins' application during their meeting in late October.


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