From produce aisle to checkout lane: All things grocery in Washington

Pay zillions for the privilege of living above Whole Foods

September 15, 2011 - 10:29 AM
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D.C. renters can now experience the Whole Foods lifestyle 24/7 in the comfort of The Residences on the Avenue apartments. The units, located directly above the new Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom, offer easy access to the wonders of Icelandic lamb and coconut water in addition to the silliest apartment website known to man.

The Avenue Living site contains all the details necessary to make a $3,300-a-month studio apartment seem like a fair price. “A sense of style infused with an equal sense of environmental awareness” is promised. Residents can expect “two-tone paints in Sail Cloth and Trusty Tan.” They are guaranteed “a life you won’t find in a West End apartment or even a Georgetown apartment.”

Perhaps most significantly, occupants of that $4,100 one-bedroom or $6,600 two-bedroom will have access to Washington social-scene secrets, provided by The Avenue Living blog. “Are you bored with the main stream nightclubs in the DC area?” it asks. “Do you want a ‘secret spot’ of your own?” This apartment building has the answer: the Black Cat. “This is no normal, run-of-the-mill nightclub,” Avenue Living promises. “Bands from all over the world come and play at Black Cat including Little Dragon, an electronic Swedish music band whose song ‘Twice’ was featured in Season 5 of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.” You aren’t going to find that kind of exclusive tip at an apartment above the Safeway.

So if you seek organic produce within a 100-foot radius, Sail Cloth and Trusty Tan color schemes, and insider information on little-known venues like the Black Cat, The Residences on the Avenue might be for you. The three-bedroom with den priced at $11,000 is still available.


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