Marion Barry discusses welfare reform, Wal-Mart’s plan to expand here

November 19, 2010 - 12:15 PM
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Does the District’s welfare system breed dependency?

That’s the debate city leaders are about to undertake in the wake of Ward 8 Councilman and former Mayor Marion Barry’s proposal to cut off benefits to people who’ve been in the system more than five years. Barry’s proposal took many in the city by surprise, and even he admits this is a Nixon goes to China moment. Today on NewsTalk, he explained why he feels it’s time to make significant changes to the current system.

Barry said he has yet to discuss his proposal with Mayor-elect Vince Gray or Chairman-elect Kwame Brown, but he intends to. As we said, his push for welfare reform has prompted a lot of head-scratching across the capital city.

We also talked about Wal-Mart’s bid to open as many as four stores in the District. Barry said he welcomes the retailer, provided they hire local workers and pay a living wage, but he bristles at the locations that have been discussed. On NewsTalk Friday he vowed to “get” one of the new stores.

Monday at 10am on NewsTalk: What makes a good tour guide?

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