The link between wild weather and climate change; high gas prices; more DC democracy arrests

May 12, 2011 - 01:04 PM
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Today on “NewsTalk,” noted climate expert Dr. Joseph Romm talked about the link between climate change and the extreme weather we’re seeing with increasing frequency around the globe. Romm, who oversees the blog, discussed man’s role in boosting the earth’s temperature – and why even subtle changes have helped produce dramatic and harmful weather. We look at alternative forms of energy and how much of the damage that’s been done may be irreversible.

Later, AAA’s John Townsend talked about the high price of gas and DC “shadow” Sen. Michael D. Brown discussed the latest in the series of DC democracy arrests near the Capitol, Mayor Gray’s testimony on Capitol Hill today, and the grilling that White House aide Michael Blake took last night at a DC church.

If you missed any of today’s show, we invite you to view it here.

Friday at 10am: Maryland Senate President Mike Miller and Scott Cleland, author of “Search & Destroy: Why you can’t trust Google”.


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