The Huguely trial; GOP bills advance in Va.; Komen presses on

February 10, 2012 - 01:15 PM
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Today on NewsTalk, we looked at the trial of George Huguely, the UVA lacrosse star accused of murder in the death of his girlfriend, Yardley Love. Huguely’s attorneys hope to show that he didn’t intend to kill Love when the two fought in May, 2010. Legal analysts Jim Shalleck and Shelley Broderick discussed the challenge the defense team faces and the overarching role jury selection plays in high-profile court trials.

The shift in power in Richmond is starting to take hold. And today we spoke with political analyst Stephen Farnsworth about the conservative legislation that breathes new life because the GOP has taken control of the state Senate.

In our last segment, we looked at whether the Komen Foundation can undo the damage caused by the Planned Parenthood controversy. Our guest, Washington Times columnist Deborah Simmons, said it will depend on how the organization’s significant grassroots network responds to the recent headlines.

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