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Rock the Bells Report: Lauryn Hill finally shows up, sucks

August 29, 2010 - 06:47 PM
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lauryn hill at rock the bells
Lauryn Hill at Rock the Bells

(Photo courtesy GrandHigh247)

Lauryn Hill came onstage in a Yankees fitted cap and lace skirt and began performing at 7:35 p.m. after a 3 hour delay, Sarah Godfrey reports from Merriweather Post Pavilion. Godfrey says the former Fugees singer sounds very hoarse, which lends credence to Guerilla Union's announcement that Hill was dehydrated and that her "voice was shot."

Godfrey says the crowd reaction is muted and speculates it may be because Hill's voice sounds terrible as well as the fact that she made the fans bake in the sun for hours before coming out and playing. Also she says Hill's "weird unfamiliar" arrangement of "Lost Ones" is not helping matters.

TBD previously reported Hill was a no-show. The original post, and amusing tweets from concertgoers, follows the jump.


@JazzmenTynes: #LaurynHill is performing all of her songs at a crazy up-tempo speed. She said, "We don't have much time." #rockthebells

@SUGARTHEGIRL: People seem really...underwhelmed. O_O #RocktheBells #LaurynHill She looks like a crazy church lady. Help her, Lord.

@couchsessions: Lauryn's sped up punk rock renditions of classic tracks is not winning over the crowd. #rockthebells

PREVIOUS POST: Former Fugees singer Lauryn Hill has failed to appear at the Rock the Bells festival's D.C.-area stop, Sarah Godfrey reports from Merriweather Post Pavilion. Hill was supposed to go on at 4:30. By 5, Godfrey says, the crowd, which was baking in the sun, was getting reckless; people started booing. Shortly after, MC Supernatural and Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg came out and did a good job of calming the crowd down.

At 5:30 Supernatural came out again and said Hill was sick and might not perform. Not long afterward, the head of Guerilla Union, the group producing the show, came out and said Hill was and dehydrated and "her voice was shot."

A Tribe Called Quest began performing at 6:15, Godfrey says. There are still rumblings that Hill may go on later. Hill's coy behavior has already cost her at least one fan — Godfrey tweeted earlier that "I think this is the perfect time to publicly admit I think The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is way overrated. Yeah, I said it."

Godfrey is, of course, incorrect. It's one of the best albums of the '90s!

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