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Quick clips: James Franco is a Gremlin

August 12, 2010 - 11:00 AM
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james franco
James Franco covers up his third eye. (Photo: Associated Press)

In keeping with TBD's mission of transparency, I must start with a correction: the film adaptation of the memoir Eat, Pray, Love does not, in fact, include commas, despite what I wrote yesterday. Perhaps the producers hope this will fool moviegoers into thinking the film isn't 133 minutes long. (Good luck with that!) James Franco, one of the films stars, is out to prove that he ought to have his own personal beat reporter. He talks vampires with Esquire, which also ran a short story in which the actor undergoes a Gremlin-like multiplication. I think it's a metaphor for his expanding interests; or his overexposure. Choice line: "He is finishing his quiche with one hand and writing a Petrarchan sonnet with the other."

Roundup fatigue! Okay, so Blair Witch Project co-director Eduardo Sanchez, a Maryland resident, is going to film in the area in October and November. He hopes the film, Possession, will "take certain first-person effects 'to a new level.'" Nicolas Cage has road rage. Yes, publicity for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has indeed jumped the shark. Alfred Hitchcock's silent films will go silent forever without your help. Mike Tyson did The Hangover for drugs, while that film's director is taking on John Belushi. And two names that should never appear in the same story, however rumorous: Ben Affleck and Terrence Malick.

Now, enjoy this clip of the American Film Institute's top film of all time.

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