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Big Tigger on the enduring popularity of Redskins songs

September 23, 2010 - 10:45 AM
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Big Tigger on continuing the age old tradition of Reskins parody songs. (AP photo)

Update: WPGC has posted Black Boo's latest Redskins song, which is done to the tune of Young Jeezy's "Lose My Mind."

Last week I wrote about the tradition of the WPGC Redskins song and Mambo Sauce rapper Black Boo, who is working with radio personality Big Tigger to keep it going.

This morning, Black's week 3 Redskins song, about this Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams, was played on the Big Tigger Morning Show (it hasn't been posted online yet, but it includes gems such as, "We're gonna slam the Lou like Ferrigno")." Tigger sent some thoughts about the importance of the songs and his collaboration with Black Boo.

"I felt it necessary to continue the tradition of the Redskins Song," Tigger writes in an e-mail. "Since I was an intern back in '94, there was a Redskins song!" 

"Even though we all concede Chris Paul as the king of the Skins song, I felt Black Boo (with my help and direction) was more than talented enough to make the songs hot!! I believe Black Boo offered to do the song because not only is it an honor to do the song, but he is a die-hard Skins fan as well," Tigger continues. "His lyrical ability and fandom make him an excellent choice to continue the tradition."

Football isn't the only sport that Tigger and Black are interested in: On Tuesday, Sept. 28, Tigger is hosting a Wizards training camp midnight tip-off event at the Patriot Center, and Mambo Sauce will perform.

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