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Black Boo continues the tradition of the WPGC Redskins remix

September 17, 2010 - 05:00 AM
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Inspired, in part, by new Redskin Donovan McNabb, rapper Black Boo creates new season of Redskins remixes (Demont Peekaso artwork, courtesy of Black Boo)

There is a great tradition of Redskins-themed remixes of popular songs at WPGC 95.5, and rapper Black Boo of the DMV band Mambo Sauce is keeping that tradition alive.

Back in April, he released a track celebrating the Washington Redskins' acquisition of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, set to the beat from Drake's "Over.

“The first thing I did when we got Donovan McNabb, I wrote a Redskins song. That wasn’t during the season, but I sent it to [WPGC radio personality Big] Tigger, and he said he liked it and was gonna play it," Black Boo says. "Then he played it, so I’m assuming the response was good, and he said ‘I wanna recruit you for the weekly spots.'”

Last week, to kick off the regular season, came "Whoop Dallas," to the tune of Drake's "Miss Me." (Sample line: "We ain't like Texas/You breed George Bushes/We breed Duke Ellingtons").This week, to "prepare us for the Texans," he says, Boo is working on "Talent," a Redskins-themed take on Kanye West's "Power." Because, you know, no one team should have all that talent.

While he isn't officially creating the songs for WPGC, jock Big Tigger has played the first two tracks during his Big Tigger Morning Show and the station's website posted the most recent song (and accompanying video).

"Tigger, he's a busy guy, but he texted me, asking me about this week’s song, so I’m assuming I’ll be doing it every week," Black says. "Plus, listeners really like it. The YouTube video got 12,000 views in four days."

The King of the Redskins remix is, of course, Chris Paul. Paul did them for WPGC and the Donnie Simpson Morning Show. He's now on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and still releases mixes on his website). After Paul left the station in June of 2009, new radio personality Bootsy Vegas (AKA "E" of go-go band O.P. Tribe) took up the mantle. When Donnie Simpson's show was taken off the air in January, the fate of the PGC Redskins songs was uncertain. Black Boo saw the void and approached Big Tigger, whose show now occupies the morning talk slot on WPGC. 

"Of course, the great Chris Paul started it, and I think it raised everyone’s spirits when it was happening," Black Boo says. "Me being a listener, I used to get hyped for the games, [the remixes] really made me feel like were were gonna get out there and do something. I think it hyped everyone up."

Black says that he has always come up with parody ideas. “I hear new songs, and I have the spoofs already in my mind when I hear the songs.“

He says, though, that the comedy portion doesn't come as naturally to him as composing the rhymes. "“I’m not a comedian, I’m a lyricist,” he says. “I can be funny at times, but sometimes I’m not funny. So, in order to follow in Chris Pauls’ footsteps, you have to put some level comedy in it, and that's the hard part. Where his jokes could come to him quick, I have to take time to really think of the joke, and think, if other people heard it, would it be funny?"

For some reason, though, the die-hard Washington fan says last week's  “Whoop Dallas” practically wrote itself.

“I have to hate the Cowboys, that’s a prerequisite for being a Redskins fan,” he says. “I have a dislike for the Cowboys, but it’s not a hatred or anything. But the fans are so ridiculous. I’m a realist, when my team isn’t doing good, I can say my team is not looking good. I can still support my team and admit when Dallas is looking good. But Dallas fans, regardless of who we acquire, or what we do, they’re not gonna say we look good.

"So, I wanted to let Dallas fans know what we had," Black continues. "The quarterback is probably the biggest component of a football team, so to have a quarterback like McNabb come in can make every player better. I just wanted to hype it up, and make week one very exciting."

Black says that, because he doesn't have a formal agreement with WPGC, he needs people to call in and request the songs so he can keep them coming. "When Chris Paul was doing it, the songs were placed in rotation, so the songs could be in the 'Top 5 at 5.' It's gonna take me some time to get there, but I'm hoping it leads to that.

"To follow behind Chris Paul, first of all, is a bit intimidating, but it's exciting to see people appreciate it even though I'm coming behind someone like Chris Paul," Black says. "I would love to actually do one with Chris Paul and, of course get some Redskins involved."

And, of course, Black thinks there will be a lot of great stuff to write about this season. "Being very optimistic, I would say we’re going to the Super Bowl. Being realistic, I don’t wanna say realistic as in we don’t have shot for Super Bowl, but being honest with myself, there are some good teams in league, but we'll definitely be top contenders."

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