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Lady Gaga's meat dress and other fashion lies: TBD arts roundup

September 15, 2010 - 07:00 AM
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Jana Sterbak did this first. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Good morning, sunshine. While the city recuperates from yesterday’s election, we turn to more pressing matters: Fashion. You might have noticed that we’ve been writing about it this week! First, there was Lisa’s Fashion Night Out coverage, and then my morning of backhanded shoe scrutiny with What Not to Wear’s Stacy London. Stacy and I are totes besties now; we spent the morning exchanging friendship bracelets, braiding each other’s hair, and riding a tandem bike. It was an especially big deal for her to visit D.C. this week, because up in New York, it’s Fashion Week, and yet, she spent some time with us instead. So in honor of D.C.’s new elevated status as “worthwhile alternative to one day of Fashion Week,” today’s arts roundup is all arts-related fashion news.

We’ll start with the item everyone’s talking about: Lady Gaga’s meat dress, worn to the MTV VMAs. There has been a lot of hard-hitting journalism about this meat dress, starting with the LA Times’ Christopher Knight, who reveals that it’s not very creative after all. Gaga stole the idea from performance artist Jana Sterbak, who sewed a dress out of meat in 1987 and let it slowly rot on a mannequin. Thank goodness for Gaga’s unputrified update of this, even though the meat is not high-quality, according to some New York-area butchers. New York Magazine even includes a handy diagram that shows how parts of the cow correspond to what parts of the dress. The piece atop her head is a flank steak. The whole thing probably smells pretty atrocious. So Little Monsters, please do not follow this guide to making Gaga’s meat dress at her next appearance, for the sake of hygiene and salmonella. But, Gaga fans, you are highly encouraged to utilize this Baby Gaga costume in whatever way possible. Find an infant somewhere and stuff it into this baby costume from “Bad Romance,” because we all know babies love wearing theatrical wigs and hats.

Sad news for Jersey Shore’s goblin mascot Snooki: She has, in a move of self-defeatist branding, decided to abandon her trademark “pouf” hairstyle. And now she has generic, Kardashianesque bangs, and no one recognizes her. I'm including this item mainly so I can link to this Buzzfeed feature on the cast members of Jersey Shore as cats.

Here's an obligatory link to this gallery of images of D.C. Real Housewife Mary Amons’ McLean mansion, which features some bold and creative interior design. Just kidding, everything is beige, black or white, making this the furniture equivalent to a White House Black Market store, or an extremely upscale rehab facility.

Also from Jezebel is this story about how writer Sadie Stein punked Fashion Week by wearing the most ridiculous thing she could think of: Matching dresses with a doll, which she carried around everywhere. Hero blogger Stein’s stunt was widely tweeted, photographed and videotaped, and a bunch of reporters interviewed her doll, because for Fashion Week, this is totally normal.

Let’s check in with fashion mentor Tim Gunn from Project Runway, who would like to chastise feral raccoon Taylor Momsen for being a petulant child on the set of Gossip Girl, for which he is guest-starring. He has a lot of mud to fling at her, calling her “sad,” “pathetic,” “diva,” and “brat.” No word on his feelings about her eyeliner, but I’m guessing this also displeases him.

Finally, I leave you with some images from another fashion week an ocean away: Australia’s Perth Fashion Week for which, if this slideshow of shiny magenta fashion aliens is any indication, Lady Gaga sheds a tear of solidarity. Have a fashionable Wednesday, D.C.

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