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Gavin Holland: DJ, producer, and, possibly, ANC commissioner

October 18, 2010 - 02:05 PM
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Everyone knows that you can find DJ Gavin Holland spinning at U Street Music Hall's Nouveau Riche party on the second Saturday of every month. Soon, he may have another regular engagement, at Harriet Tubman Elementary School, on the second Wednesday of every month: Holland is hoping to become the next ANC commissioner of single-member district 1A-11, in Columbia Heights. He announced his candidacy via Twitter this morning.

gavin holland

And no, this is not some sort of promotion for an ANC-themed DJ night or some such thing—I talked to Holland over e-mail, and he is serious about his run. In fact, Holland, who says the 1A-11 seat is vacant, and that he'll be running as a write-in candidate, sounds like a commissioner already: "Having lived in this district for 4 years, I'm excited to finally get involved," he tweeted. Holland has already received many well-wishes and this piece of advice from former Ward 1 D.C. council candidate and ANC 1C commissioner Bryan Weaver: good luck, and thank you for stepping up! Be independent and open.

Holland is currently traveling to New York for a gig; when he touches down, TBD will be talking to him about his candidacy, his platform, and why ANC meetings are so darn long.

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