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Sexx and the xx, Christine O'Donnell meets Michael Bay: Your Oct. 6 TBD Arts Roundup

October 6, 2010 - 07:00 AM
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Good morning! For many Washingtonians, the xx in The xx stood for sexx at last night's show. Check out the tweets!

@mckeefloyd: Let's make out. #thexx #930club

@malitzd: Now watching the xx @930Club - promoters of teen abstinence must despise this band

@mateobuenorico: @AaronOverman do you feel like you're watching lighting porn at a show? Love it! #thexx @930Club @raylab @nowitsuptous @Fatell

Also! The xx also stood for xx-acto knives, if these worrisome tweets are any indication.

@MRPRDCR: Just had a romantic experience walking in the rain to #thexx . Beautiful. Sad. Glad I didn't have any sharp objects on me...

@jimboch02: Made it through an #xx show without straightening my hair, getting a dumb tattoo, or cutting myself. Secret win? Secret win.

OH GOD DON'T HURT YOURSELVES, xx fans. Here, listen to their cover of "You've Got the Love." It is kind of happy, right? Give me those scissors.

Lenny Campello reports that Kate Moss and Mick Jagger are on the guest list for local artist/internet meme phenomenon Alexa Meade for her opening at the Saatchi Gallery in London tomorrow. Will not be impressed until a Spice Girl decides to attend.

This sentence from D.C. Theatre Scene is flawless. It has everything: melancholy, irony, JELLICLE CATS. D.C. Theatre Scene has won the internet.
"On the second floor of Baltimore’s Best Western Hotel and Conference Center in a seemingly industrial area off I-95, practical cats, romantical cats, political cats, and allegorical cats are purrfectly dancing and singing in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway megahit CATS presented by Toby’s Dinner Theater of Baltimore."

We broke some very important balloon news yesterday. TLC is filming a show about balloons. There will be balloons at the Brightest Young Things/Pink Line Project party, Burst, on Saturday. Therefore, BYT/PLP will be on TLC. It will look something like this.

But now, as promised: Lady-sorcerer Christine O'Donnell makes her first appearance in our arts roundup. Yes! I've found this website, The Michael Bayifier, and in honor of his upcoming Transformer 3 scenes to be filmed in D.C., I figured it would be a good time to add comical explosions to a serious photo. The choice was between this adorable pig wearing boots, and candidate/purveyor of the Dark Arts Christine O'Donnell. She won because she is funnier! Also, page hits. Here she is, warding off some fighter jets, a bomb, and Shia LeBeouf. ENJOY. Because I'm you!

Christine O'Donnell gets the Michael Bay treatment.
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