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Transformers 3's Shia LaBeouf throws coffee on local photographer (video) (update)

October 15, 2010 - 09:48 AM
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UPDATE: I've spoken with Wilkins, who calls LaBeouf a "jerk" and talks about being a paparazzo. Read it here.

ORIGNAL POST: With Transformers 3 having wrapped up, Shia LaBeouf is probably long gone by now — and happy to be far from D.C. On Tuesday, the actor was sitting outside the Renaissance Hotel downtown, enjoying a book about Lee Atwater and sipping coffee from the Illy Cafe. Standing several feet away, local paparazzo Mark Wilkins — aka "Marky Mark," as he calls himself on Twitter — snapped photos, like this one, of an unamused LaBeouf. In the video below, LaBeouf stands up, packs the book in his backpack, and chases Wilkins halfway across New Hampshire Avenue, tossing coffee on the photographer's back. LaBeouf then sprints away, back into the secret underworld of Hollywood's rich and famous.

I've left a message with Wilkins and will update you when I know more about this breaking news situation.


[via Politico]

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