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The Stewart-Colbert rally Porta Potties are here!

October 27, 2010 - 10:49 AM
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stewart rally porta potty
This pretty much sums up America. (Photo: Jay Westcott)

Please, let this post be the last I have to write — and you have to read — about Porta Potties at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear." TBD's shutter-speed expert, Jay Westcott sent this photo of portable toilets arriving at the National Mall. Provided by United Site Services, which has locations in Maryland, the toilets will number 450, plus "50 units for handicapped users and one trailer with at least eight stall," reports the Wall Street Journal. That translates into an expected crowd of 150,000, according to the paper.

Other rally news of note:

• In the Post, which has led criticism of the rally, Alexandra Petri calls the event "my generation's Woodstock." She writes, "Call us Generation I. I for irony, iPhones, and the Internet. I for instant gratification. I for idiosyncratic, inventive, impertinent. We're all these things." Oh no. Have I singled out the wrong side for criticism?

• The City Paper's parody of the internal NPR memo instructing staffers to avoid the rally is tearing up the Internets. (The paper's also offering free walking tours "from the Smithsonian Metro stop to the Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive on Saturday morning, for anyone who may have trouble navigating the eight blocks along the Mall without the assistance of a media organization.")

• Matt Fluty, of Troy, NY, is planning to walk all the way to D.C. for the rally. On the Colbert Nation message board, he writes, "Me and my friend nick also know as MATT FLUTY and the NORSEMAN are going to WALK from TROY(albany),NEW YORK to WASHINGTON D.C starting our MARCH TO KEEP FEAR ALIVE on OCT. 17 and will tape our fearful quest,with only the suppies we have brought and out surivial training taught by CHUCK NORRIS his illegitimate step father possiblity titilating the fear of being mugged by blood thirsty highway Robots of the Council on Foreign Relations!" His Facebook wall suggests he hasn't left town yet. Get your long-distance walking shoes on, guys, and get going.

• The team behind the Abraxas dragon, which blew minds at Burning Man, say it's been invited to bring the beast to the Mall. According to their Facebook page, they'll be arriving tonight and building the dragon on Thursday and Friday. I suspect you'll be hearing much more about this.

• Washington Improv Theater is performing two pre-rally shows called "Moderate-ly Funny" at Artisphere on Oct. 29. For other such events, see the Post's extensive guide.

The New York Times' Will Shortz slipped a bunch of rally clues into his crossword puzzle. "Porta Potty" and "toilet" are not among them.

• Politico reports on a pot-legalization group planning to garner support at the rally for the lawful consumption of sticky, kind bud.

• Media Matters is using the rally to push their most hopeless of campaigns: "Drop Fox."

And on last night's The Daily Show, correspondent Jason Jones called K Street a "shithole" while Samantha Bee said the Metro is "the subway's gay cousin."

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