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TLC will film at Brightest Young Things' Artisphere debut party

October 5, 2010 - 01:21 PM
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TLC will film at Burst!, the Oct. 9 debut party for Artisphere, this weekend. Katie Balloons, the Brightest Young Things-affiliated balloon artist, will be featured on a show in production called Twisted, about balloon artists traveling around the country. (Here's a Katie Balloons balloon-burlesque video; watch it at the discretion of the rules of your workplace.) (And here's a link to the inflatable sculptures of Addi Somekh, another balloon artist on the show.)

"So many warning signs, so many red flags, and yet we said yes," says Brightest Young Things' Svetlana Legetic, laughing.

But seriously, Legetic says, the balloon-sculptures that are about to overtake Artisphere are a huge help in planning the party. There will be a 40-foot "fire phoenix bird," she says, which will be lit up "like a chandelier," plus a balloon lounge and balloon tunnels.

"It's something like $10,000 worth of balloons," she says. "It’s basically like the whole decorating process just got solved instantaneously."

Here's hoping the name of the event doesn't get too literal.

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