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Arts roundup: Newsweek and Daily Beast merge; Sarah Palin's Alaska isn't worth a visit

November 12, 2010 - 05:00 AM
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Washington, D.C. as a pop tart.
Washington, D.C. as a pop tart. (Illustration by John Holcomb)

Newsweek and Daily Beast merge, putting Beast editor Tina Brown in charge of a magazine once again.  Glory!  (Observer)

Sarah Palin's Alaska reality show debuts Sunday.  The Times says it's a little dull, but remains impressed that Palin actually climbs mountains of ice; WashPo calls it "blah," and asks, "Isn't [Palin] the kind of person whom forest rangers usually despise?"

Washingtonian reveals the (probable) salaries and speaking fees of mainstream media pundits: NBC4's Jim Vance pulls $1.3 million (!); Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson fetches at least $10,000 per speaking engagement; Bob Woodward, at least $25,000.  But of course, Robinson still draws a fat salary from The Post, and Woodward is paid $100 a month for some reason.

Veterans Day in photos. (TBD)

Washington, D.C. as a pop tart: Seems bland and white on the outside, but inside it's pleasantly colorful and fruity. (DCist)

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