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TBD Night does not go Four Loko: Nov. 20

November 20, 2010 - 04:00 PM
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Remnants of a sweet pinata party, spotted on the 1400 block of N Street N.W.

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11:03: Just as things are starting to get really awesome for all of the drinkers of caffeinated malt liquor out there, your TBD Night editor hands the reins over to our Twitter robot. Keep the updates coming! Keep the Four Loko coming! Make good choices!

10:59: A lawyer's #TBDnight involves this impressive gavel cake.

10:55: @wisemana has sent me this, and I don't know anything about it.

10:53: As per usual, Sticky Rice on H Street is packed, says TBD's Alison Kenworthy. They are playing videos for the nostalgic: Blink 182, Bruce Springsteen.

10:51: Hey, here's a fun game for anyone at the Passenger: Julie Westfall says that the first group to come to her table of three women to say "TBD" can have their seats. This is what Julie looks like.

10:48: Other places in Virginia that are extremely loud: Jay's Saloon in Clarendon, says @dmbosstone.

10:35: City Paper's Chris Klimek reports that the Jon Langford show at Iota is LOUD. Over the din, he says that it is even louder than the Grinderman show he saw on Tuesday. Who would have thought to bring earplugs to a country show?

10:31: Sport Report from Rowinski: The Flyers have clipped the Caps in overtime. Folks in Chinatown, prepare for an onslaught of fans to crowd your bars and Metro.

10:23: TBD's Sam Chamberlain sends in a photo of the Terps marching band in formation. But they are not spelling something out, which would have been a little cooler, perhaps.

terps band

10:15: WeLoveDC's Tom Bridge reports a lovely #TBDnight in, with a menu that you could try to replicate: "Delightful evening in with @adrauglis and @ketzirah! Pear brandy, house-cured prosciutto, amazing lamb with quince over falafel." YUM. But then he corrects himself: "That should have been @adrauglis and @peelapom, and it wasn't falafel, it was couscous. #tweetfail #tbdnight"

10:00: In non-Four Loko news, City Paper's Jonathan Fischer is at Comet Ping Pong, waiting for The Caribbean show to start, and watching "The Way Things Go," which is projected on the wall. He says that everyone is so fascinated by it that conversation has become impossible. For those not at Comet, but interested in gadgetry:

9:41: #TBDnight is quickly turning into #FourLokoNight. TBD's Sarah Godfrey has a report: "So, Alexandria doesn't sell Four Loko, but some helpful young ( but seemingly of age) ppl gave me a good tip. They go right across the Alexandria border in Annandale--literally right across the street from Alexandria's Landmark Plaza--where the 7-11s stock the stuff. This 7-11 on Beauregard Street has four flavors of Four Loko plus the Loko knock-off Joose, but I'm told it sucks."

Photographic proof:

Four Loko

9:33: Folks on Twitter have suggested that your TBD Night aggregator open her can of Four Loko to quell her crankiness about the late food delivery. Four Loko on an empty stomach is not going to happen. However, @BalkansBohemia has suggested that "POP THE FOUR LOKO" should be the new catchphrase of #TBDnight. This I support, 100 percent.

9:12: Takeout food update! It has now been an hour and 45 minutes since food was ordered from Jyoti. After four phone calls to the restaurant, it has finally arrived. It will probably taste awesome, but I'm going to go ahead and say that you should not order from this place, ever.

9:10: Dance party update! There are two dance parties at the Black Cat: Mousetrap, and another one in the back room, $5 and $10 respectively. Schweitzer reports that the bar is empty. Also, Fatback is downstairs at Bohemian Caverns. Can't seem to find a price for this. At U Street Music Hall, you'll hear Malente and Fort Knox Five, $10.

9:00: Drink recommendation! At Perry's, @Fklopott, says that bartender Raul will make you a pineapple upside-down shot, which sounds delightful.

8:55: @TeamconcreteCO sends in this Four Loko music video, which is slightly NSFW, not that you're at work. It would not be hard to invent a drinking game to this song. But you should always drink Four Loko responsibly!

8:45: For those tuning in from home and craving takeout, your TBD Night aggregator and her companion have ordered from Jyoti. An hour ago. That is a long time to wait for takeout, and we are getting cranky.

8:36: Your TBD Night aggregator's besties are all getting Thai at Rice on 14th Street, without her. They report a short wait and fast service. They are headed to a party that may or may not involve Four Loko.

8:32: Schweitzer's TBD night is getting interesting. A man with an eye patch just made a kissy face at her on 14th street. Love at first partial-sight?

8:30: @Stev_D reports that Hunan Number One is number one for fun.

8:20 Clarendon is also not a good place to find Four Loko, says @dmbosstone. Empty shelves at the 7-11 there. Sadface.

four loko

8:10: @dmbosstone reports that Lyon Hall in Clarendon has outdoor seating, but you should steer clear of Hard Times Cafe, which is extremely busy. They also got his name wrong on his take-out order. It's Patrick, not Patrice.

7:59: The Passenger. Every time I go there, I end up with some variation of a drink that involves lavender and vodka. If you like that too (or even if you don't), go there, because Julie Westfall says it's not hard to get a seat.

7:56: Mandy Jenkins' TBD's Charlottesville correspondent for the weekend, reports an abundance of Four Loko at the Dave Matthews Band tailgate at UVA. This seems like a logical place to find Four Loko. Jenkins says that it tastes like Skittles and freedom.

7:50: TBD's Steve Chaggaris, expert on all things Grecian, is headed to Agora on 17th Street. Your TBD Night blogger tried this restaurant last week, and liked it, but Chaggaris has a gripe: "Turkish cuisine with a Greek name. Identity crisis?" He would also like to name two famous Greek Americans: Dr. Oz and Tiffani Thiessen.

7:36: Reports of TBDnighters beginning their evening are rolling in: @hgil heads to Z-burger while @stevebuttry is getting Five Guys. @fearlessdc recommends the H Street Country Club, and last weekend's TBDnight aggregator, Andrew Siddons, is at Sova on H Street. "Who needs Four Loko?" Siddons asks. Answer: EVERYONE.

7:30: Things are getting heated at Gallery Place, where seat-saving at the Harry Potter movie is "cutthroat," says TBD's Sommer Mathis. If you're going to a screening: Get there early, or don't expect to sit with your group. And if you have seats to defend: be prepared to fight. To the death.

7:26: After a brief connectivity problem, TBDnight returns. Ally Schweitzer has checked in, and she reports that a limo has dropped off a group of young girls at Pho 14. "Didn't know it was that kinda joint," says Schweitzer. Me, neither.

7:05: Wemple continues his tour of 14th street, where he stops at Posto to try the Timballo. He continues on past Szechuan House, where the truly hungry will have no wait at all. Looks bleak.

chinese food

6:57: Do as this SomeEcard suggests.

6:53: TBDnight learns that there is no wait whatsoever at Kramers in Dupont. They are an excellent choice for pie.

6:47: Hey, here are some basketball-related deals at Public Bar: During NCAA games, $2 PBR, $3 Miller Lite, Beer Tubes $30-$35, 10 wings $.20 ($.20 for each additional 5 wings) and $5 Stadium Burgers. Your TBDnight wonders: What on earth is a "beer tube?"

6:35: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, says Larimer, in her "obligatory D.C. is pretty photo."

union station

6:30: Hey Clarendonites: The Screwtop Wine Bar is one hour into their Thanksgiving wine tasting. It goes until 7:30. Pregame your dinner date!

6:27: Another grim report from 14th Street, thanks to Elahe: "Man, not even 6:30 yet and there's already a wait of 40 minutes for a table for two. May I suggest Whole Foods? The new call-and-wait lines now have automated announcements that tell shoppers when a register is open. Not very classy, but hey, if you're hungry, you're hungry."

6:23: Thank you, Ryan Kearney, for the following mini-restaurant guide of places where OpenTable still offers reservations:

Most booked:
Georgia Brown's (Downtown), starting right now
Chef Geoff's (Downtown), starting at 8:45
Old Ebbitt Grill (Downtown), starting at 7

Best food:
Cafe Renaissance (Vienna), starting at 8:30
Tosca Ristorante (Downtown), starting at 8:15

Best overall:
Bistro L'Hermitage (Woodbridge), starting at 8
Cafe Renaissance (Vienna), starting at 8:30
L'Auberge Chez Francois (Great Falls), starting at 8:15

6:20: Hey, wanna go to Churchkey? Well, you are out of luck. The hostess just gave away the last walk-in table, and you now have to wait 45 minutes to an hour, says Elahe.

6:18: PROCEED IMMEDIATELY to Masa 15, says TBD's Elahe Izadi. "There is currently no wait for a table of two, but there are only two tables left."

6:16: FOUR LOKO UPDATE: It came from the corner store on 14th and Otis. There's a discount for cases. Perfect for your frat party!

6:12: A trio of reports have come in from TBD's Sarah Larimer:

The Pour House: "The Virginia Tech/Miami game is on, but it's hard to hear it because they're playing music, too. "Terrible decision. Just pick one," says Larimer. They have a reverse happy hour starting at 10 p.m. with $4 rails, $3 Miller Lites, and $3 Yuenglings. Not crowded. Larimer recommends rotting for Miami.

Capitol Lounge: There are $6 Smirnoff flavor martinis. LSU and Ohio State games playing. "And, oddly enough, an Illinois volleyball game," says Larimer. "As an Illinois native and former grade-school volleyball player, I endorse this decision. I just do not understand it."

Union Pub: "Why aren't more people — or any people — drinking outside at Union Pub?" asks Larimer. Corrected: They will soon have the Nebraska game on. Go now, while the weather is nice!


Four Loko!!!

5:45: Fearless leader of TBD Erik Wemple reports that Estadio, which is always mega-crowded, has not yet reached its saturation point. GO NOW, or face waits of an hour or more.

5:39: You can still get half-priced tickets to the following shows tonight: Washington Shakespeare Company's Richard III at Artisphere, Annie at Olney Theatre, Keegan Theatre's Golden Boy at the Church Street Theatre, The Laramie Project at Arena Stage, Darwin in Malibu at the Washington Stage Guild, and others. Full collection of half-priced tickets via Ticketplace here.

5:29: @QuoVadimusDC reports that "I Wanna Know What Love is" is currently playing at the National Gallery of Art's ice skating rink. And now, all of your TBDnight reporter's companions are singing it, poorly.

5:20: @BalkansBohemia chimes in with more plans: He'll be headed to the Jon Langford and Skull Orchard with Chris Mills concert at Iota. Tickets are $15, show starts at 9.

5:10: Taffety Punk tweets that they'll be headed to the Rare Essence/Chuck Brown show at the 9:30 Club tonight for the WKYS Turkey Bash. It's a late show, and tickets are still available. You can buy them here. Anyone else going? SEND TWEETS PLZ.

5:04: But, Westfall sadly reports that the convenience of in-table taps is trumped by the difficulty of splitting the bill. You're charged by the ounce. "A nightmare," she says. Also, they may or may not be out of hamburgers.

5:01: TBD's Julie Westfall Redline in Chinatown, where she has been dazzled by the taps at the tables. Convenient! Photographic evidence here:



4:52: It is not yet Thanksgiving, but for those who just can't wait: There are holiday shows. Already! Among them: A Broadway Christmas Carol at MetroStage, and A (regular) Christmas Carol at Ford's Theatre. See all of our holiday show listings for the day here.

4:42: More from Jamieson: Banana Cafe has specials until 7:30, so if you want a $3 rail margarita, rail drink, or domestic beer, you have two hours and 18 minutes left to enjoy one or many. Jamieson says there's no crowd either. Another option: Molly Malone's has a dollar  off all draft beers until 7 p.m. "Overall, a glorious night to be walking from bar to bar," he says.

4:37: it is nice outside, reports people who are outside. Like TBD's Dave Jamieson! He checks in from Barracks Row, where the Ugly Mug has some great specials: $4 Yuenglings, $6 Jack Daniels Drinks, $5 SoCo & lime shots, and $7 nachos.

4:25: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: You have 42 chances to see the new Harry potter movie tonight.

4:17: Zaytinya tweets that its ouzo festival is in full swing. The restaurant has plenty of ouzo-inspired dishes to try. For those of you who have never had ouzo, it is "an anise-flavored aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus." It's no Four Loko, but it'll do.

4:06: If you like accents and/or art, head over to the Fridge right now for a talk from artist Karl Burke, whose show just opened on Thursday. Burke has been in D.C. for two weeks "performing interventions and documenting them with photographs." Solas Nua provides a photo:


Karl Burke

4:00: GREETINGS. It's my first time as your TBDnight ringleader this evening. Despite previous assurances on Twitter that my evening of aggregation would be fueled by the can of Four Loko that was gifted to me yesterday, I have had second thoughts about this. Not sure the "premium malt beverage with natural and artificial flavors, guarana, taurine and caffeine," is very conducive to bringing you the best that social media has to offer in this evening's entertainment. BUT! If you re drinking Four Loko tonight, I would like to hear from you, on the Twitters. Also, if you're doing anything else at all, like eating, drinking, or dancing. Commence #TBDnight.

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