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Pelosi asks Spielberg for an extreme makeover: Arts links

December 23, 2010 - 07:00 AM
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steven spielberg

Outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, clearly jealous that Sarah Palin's Alaska might get a second season, "is consulting marketing experts about building a stronger brand," reports the Post. "The most prominent of her new whisperers is Steven Spielberg, the Hollywood director whose films have been works of branding genius. Lawmakers said Spielberg has not reported to Pelosi with a recommendation." What's he going to recommend? Simplistic themes, high-intensity action, and the tugging of heartstrings? I have a recommendation for Pelosi: Don't turn to a blockbuster filmmaker for marketing advice. And another: Stop thinking about your "brand," and start thinking about why your title begins with "outgoing." Ugh, maybe Barry Pepper was right.

Other, less annoying links:

• These are the 10 most pirated films of 2010, a list that includes The Hurt Locker. Too bad D.C. firm Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver is losing the war against illegal file sharers.

• Click Track came up with some stuff from 2010 that didn't suck as much as it could have.

Purty photos from the Kaleidoscope Project at the 14th Street Bridge operator's tower.

• The City Paper talks to the location scout for True Grit. The scout is not from D.C., and the movie was shot in New Mexico. Random! But the alt-weekly makes up for it with an appropriately selective "year in music" section.

• Steven Soderbergh is going to retire?

• You could get lost for hours on BuzzFeed's top 50 viral posts. Ditto Videogum's best viral videos.

• But you only need one minute for Village Voice's 20 worst singles, which culminates with Train's "Hey, Soul Sister." I'm proud to say that I'd managed to avoid that song until I read the Voice's goddamn list. Now the song's stuck in my head.

• Listen to the actual King's speech.

• The Abbey Road crossing is now a protected landmark.

• Don't forget to check your ears for pearls!

Thank you, TLC and Gawker, for bringing this toilet paper–eater into my otherwise coherent, logical life:

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