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Clough speaks, Jackie Chan visits, Amy Sedaris makes hot dogs: Your TBD morning links

January 19, 2011 - 07:00 AM
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Good morning!

Yesterday, Smithsonian secretary Wayne Clough finally spoke to select press. He gave the New York Times' Kate Taylor a lot more than he gave the Post's Jacqueline Trescott, whose story contains so little information that it's basically just on their site to prove that he threw few quotes at them. Quotes like, "I know we have to continue a dialogue" – without actually contributing anything to that dialogue himself. Maddening. However, to Taylor, he stood by his decision to remove the work. Clough also defended his decision to Smithsonian staff in this e-mail leaked to Modern Art Notes. The Los Angeles Times' Christopher Knight thinks he's digging himself a deeper hole.

But in lighter news:

Amy Sedaris and a guy in tight jeans make hot dogs.

Anderson Cooper will be in the Broadway revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Tryingas a voiceover narrator.

Jennifer Aniston, who looks like a 4-year-old in this photo, reveals that she hated the Rachel haircut, which this reporter totally had in the 6th grade.

Ian Buckwalter on his favorite Dismemberment Plan song, "The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich": "You go too long without hearing some songs, and you start to go into little withdrawals, where they'll spontaneously pop into your head and won't get out until you get your fix, and hear them in full. This is one of those for me."

This is a brilliant blog that my friend Joel posted on Facebook yesterday. Bubblebathos characterizes the fans of a particular band, and the free associations she comes up with are half mockery, half sweet nostalgia. Examples:

The National: bird skulls and vitrines as decorative objects, watching the horizon from inside a train, working in an artisanal cheese shop ... identifying with Jonathan Franzen characters, pretending to know/like Delta blues, locavorism, early American presidential facial hair.

U2: U2: still subscribing to Rolling Stone, having a favorite brand of bottled water, airport lounges, the Sharper Image, emotionally manipulative commercials for sports brands/events, telling your date that you’re taking her to “a funky little place in the village”, CD towers, charity auctions, asking for the hot salegirl’s opinion while trying on an expensive leather jacket, coffee table books of generic architectural/nature photography, helicopter rides, reading/quoting Freakonomics, buying all your groceries from Whole Foods, emailing people pictures of your vacation, Livestrong bracelets

Colbie Caillat: gift basket from Bath & Bodyworks

Chris Richards to the bands of the Aughts: *yawn*

Jackie Chan is a guest at tonight's State Dinner for China.

And Wyclef will perform at a Press Club fundraiser for Haitian journalists on Jan. 26.

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