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New York Fashion Week: Guessing the trends

February 10, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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Green dress bow
This may or may not be your correspondent. (Photo: TBD Staff)

Get out your very fashionable crystal ball, because New York Fashion Week is upon us. TBD’s slightly klutzy correspondent will be working the runways (or standing quietly on the sidelines).

It may seem difficult to imagine that the Fashion Week that officially starts today in New York is showcasing styles for next fall and winter. We can't predict what the weather will be like by the time these clothes hit racks, but I can take a stab at what we’re going to see.

Pantone may have announced honeysuckle as its official color for 2011, but it doesn't have legs for fall. Honeysuckle has spring written all over it, and designers will chose more bold colors for their fall stuff. Kim Tran of Fashion Fix, a TBD Community Network blog, expects to see bright colors like turqoise and fuschia (not to be confused with honeysuckle) and also has an eye out for ethnic and floral prints.

Kaarin Moore, a fashion and wardrobe consultant, expects to see the reds, yellows, and blues that are in magazines for spring, but in slightly darker shades to accommodate the melancholy tone that fall takes on when people realize the days are getting shorter. “Anything to brighten the feel of fall,” says Ashley Arias of New To You, an upscale consignment shop in Falls Church. I certainly hope so!

What's in
As much as I love Mad Men and the structured styles it has presented to women of all sizes over the past few seasons, I fear the society-woman look from the early 1960s is out. Look for draping and hemlines that encourage flowing skirts and loose-fitting tops. Tran expects a delicate balance of soft and strong, sort of like a ladies’ deodorant, describing “a lot of juxtaposition of soft and strong elements, such as pink and nude silky, billowy blouses, paired with fitted leather jackets or studded boots/booties.”

Kaarin Moore and yours truly are looking for wide-legged pants, a welcome change from skinny jeans, cigarette jeans, leggings, jeggings, and pajama jeans.

Fur is a toss-up this fall. While Arias thinks fur is still in and expects it to be a major player for fall, Moore hopes for a turn toward faux. But honestly, we could debate the fur thing all day.

What’s out
Booties. I am saying goodbye to booties and visions they conjure while you're breaking your ankles out there. Some of these fake boots look like lobster claws. Above the ankle, Tran waves goodbye to very militaristic and masculine looks.

What about the men? Honestly guys, I can’t predict a thing for you. I think there’s going to be a lot of color on the runway, but I have doubts that any of you would wear it on a regular basis. We have enough issues with salmon, let alone mint.

Leave your own predictions in the comments, and we’ll see how we all do when the tents come down.

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