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'Life is a nightmare' at the Oscars: Arts links

March 1, 2011 - 08:23 AM
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No, dear sir. You are the nightmare. (Photo: Associated Press)

So the Post's Dan Zak and Amy Argetsinger went undercover, sort of, at Vanity Fair's Oscar party. Their article opens with Kevin Spacey saying he's not going to Madonna's party because it's up Mulholland, and will "be a nightmare." A nameless man in a tuxedo replies, "Life is a nightmare." At which point our co-scribes, instead of mocking this almost certainly rich, successful man for his forced world-weariness, write, "This is not to suggest that Vanity Fair's Oscar party is nightmarish, though it's as rattling and fleeting as a dream deep into one's R.E.M. cycle." The article goes on for several pages. I'd rather read about someone crashing the party instead.

More links:

Also at the Post: frequently asked questions about covering the Oscars. Not mentioned: "Why bother?"

The City Paper is off the boat. I wonder if I'll recognize Jonathan Fischer with a tan.

The Strokes are coming to town, and you can preview their new album in 30-second snippets. Or maybe those are the entire songs.

Cal Ripkin Jr. is a novelist. This streak won't last very long.

The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal reveals the man behind the profane poetry of @MayorEmanuel. It is not Barack Obama.

Once the weekend box office receipts were tallied, Hall Pass ended up winning by a gnose. (Sorry. Had to.)

And what would a roundup be without the latest craziness from Next Media Animation?

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