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Dan Snyder lawsuit: Local restaurants plan City Paper Defense Fund benefits

March 29, 2011 - 02:57 PM
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Dan Snyder's lawsuit against Washington City Paper is no one's idea of a public relations masterstroke, but on Friday the Redskins owner's image enters a new phase: the Bill Duggan Gets Involved era.

Duggan's the mouthy owner of Madam's Organ, the Adams Morgan bar that has stood on 18th Street NW for what feels like several lifetimes, during which Duggan has battled city agencies, introduced his neighbors to the concept of 13-foot-high breasts, and given City Paper one of the greatest quotes it's ever run:

"I told her the only way the City Paper would cover that story would be if we took one of the kids to the beach and fucked them,” says Duggan. — "Closing Time," Sept. 12, 2008

Duggan says Snyder's lawsuit, which sought to address issues he has with a 2010 article by City Paper staff writer Dave McKenna that detailed the Redskins owner's many failings, spurred him to action.

"The guy’s just such a pencil dick, I think he should be called out," Duggan says. This calling out will take place Friday at the bar and will include:

• A 4-foot-tall custom piñata of Snyder ("pretty much life size" the bar's ad states). Duggan says he was "down in Costa Rica" when he heard about the lawsuit and immediately ordered the piñata to be made.

• An "anatomically correct nude Daniel Snyder cake." It will have a small penis. "A guy in Baltimore" is making it for Duggan.

• Prizes! A week at a Costa Rican resort run by a friend of Duggan's. A Sonny Jurgensen-autographed football (from an "anonymous donor," Duggan says). Dinner at the Rivers restaurant in the Watergate (its owners, Duggan says, are "all litigators but they just felt like it’s wrong"). And more!

Duggan says the fact that City Paper's building is across the rear alley from Madams Organ helps. While his relationship with the paper's journalism has always been contentious ("obviously I don’t think it's the home of Woodward and Bernstein there") he says he couldn't just stand by and watch a rich man try to take a neighbor down.

"I would hope that [Snyder] would see the light and say, 'This is stupid, why alienate people even more?'" Duggan says. He adds that City Paper hasn't helped him plan the event, whose proceeds will be donated to the paper's legal defense fund. "They were so worried about every aspect of it," he says. "It’s me that’s doing it."

The other benefit will be April 16 at Jackie's in Silver Spring; Patrick Higgins, an owner of the restaurant who's helping plan it, couldn't talk when I called, but I'll update when I find out what's planned there.

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