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Fat Trel splits from Wale's Board Administration

March 29, 2011 - 01:08 PM
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Fat Trel, who is by all accounts one of the best up-and-coming rappers from the D.C. area, has split with the Board Administration, the label founded by entertainment entrepreneur Greg Harrison, singer Tre from the go-go band UCB, and rapper Wale.

The Board Administration released a statement this afternoon announcing the change; Pharoah Martin at WKYS speculated that Trel left the label because "internal differences" between the Northeast rapper and the label that had "finally come to a full head." In the statement, the label distanced itself from Trel's upcoming project, April Foolz, which is slated to drop on Friday, April 1.

The Board Administration produced Fat Trel's critically acclaimed "No Secrets" Mixtape and leveraged company resources to successfully introduce and market the project to a wider demographic audience in the District of Columbia and beyond.

As a business with a strong marketing foundation, it was our intention to catapult Fat Trel into the fabric of DC's hip-hop community and strategically position him as DC's next-big-thing with solid track production and features, artist collaboration, viral videos, and social media buzz generation. Having experienced large domestic and international success with our production of Wale's "More About Nothing" we possessed the experience, relationships, and synergy necessary to take Fat Trel to the next level and professionalize his aesthetic from mixtape concept, artwork, features, production, and beyond. While we did not collaborate with Fat Trel on his current mixtape project, we wish him well in all professional endeavors and hope his new effort is a noteworthy follow-up to "No Secrets".

The statement went on to say the label's official roster now includes Black Cobain, Mz. Sasha, the Slutty Boyz, Tiara Thomas, and Fatz Da Big Fella.


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