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Steamy TCB video: Too sexy, or not sexy enough?

March 23, 2011 - 01:00 PM
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Raheem DeVaughn, you have been trumped. The singer's NSFW video for "She's Single" made a big splash last year, thanks to some sex scenes so realistic that people are still trying to figure out whether they were simulated or not. But go-go band TCB has done DeVaughn one better with the new video for "Lay it Down," which features some well-lit, mild nudity.

When the video was released yesterday, some people immediately took to Twitter to say that the Bounce Beat Kingz had gone too far, and that the clip was over-the-top and offensive. TCB fans responded to the criticism, questioning why raw, uncut videos are acceptable when done by DeVaughn, Keri Hilson, or Trey Songz, but not TCB. (To TCB's credit, the band has re-tweeted many of the responses, both positive and negative, and has attempted to address fan questions and concerns).

The entire nation got in on the conversation this morning, when World Star Hip-Hop posted the video to its site. It's gotten about 40,000 views already and more than 100 comments, ranging from "who in the hell pays to make this bullsh*t" to "LMAO. its entertainment get the sticks out yall asses."

Judge for yourself (Warning: the clip is, as you probably guessed, NSFW):


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