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There's no Charlie Sheen in this TBD morning arts roundup

March 9, 2011 - 07:01 AM
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This morning roundup has been certified Charlie Sheen-free.

Arena Stage sales for their remount of Oklahoma! are going gangbusters.

Amanda Hess pointed out this AU reporter's amusingly incoherent thoughts on nudity on stage: "Where has all of this nudity in the theater come from recently? It’s always been in movies, and ya know porn, but it’s a little raunchy to be live on a stage. Right? Should I think of it as art rather than as intruding on someone else’s uber personal body?" Perhaps!

President Obama is a big fat disappointment to the arts, says Tyler Green.

Wicked fans are VERY VERY ANGRY.

If one more person decides to sue the City Paper, we'll be able to write a trend story about it!

I hope that the Wisconsin labor protest signs the Smithsonian obtains are only the funny ones.

Jeff Koons isn't the only person to make a creepy Michael Jackson sculpture. (warning: last photo is slightly NSFW)

This precocious child saw the Banksy movie and pulled a Mr. Brainwash.

Because I find writing that I did even just last year embarrassing, I think that this filmmaker who has dredged up his childhood poetry is brave.

The Situation is coming to D.C. Hey Ladies!

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