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'The Kennedys', Gauguin Radio-head, and other things we disappove of: TBD arts links

April 6, 2011 - 06:30 AM
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Good morning!

Christopher Knight of the LA Times has stumbled upon our City Paper, and he is pissed. After three CP critics jokingly volunteered works of art that they would prefer to deface at the National Gallery instead of "Two Tahitian Women," Knight wrote that "Washington City Paper is an alternative newspaper, but who knew that the alternative to sad was dumb?" JK, LA Times!

Reelz, the channel that picked up "The Kennedys" miniseries when no one else would touch it, is apparently juicing up their ratings. And that seems totally necessary because, jeez "The Kennedys" is just wretched. I lasted about 20 minutes before the dozens of gratuitous mentions of "But he's a Catholic!!" proved too much for me. Spoiler alert: He gets elected.

Oh, but this show about extremely rich and demanding pregnant ladies (pregnant lady-zillas?) is probably worse than "The Kennedys!"

Design geeks: Watch a vintage Eams chair get assembled.

The Washington Ballet will do Alice in Wonderland next season.

Local Playwright Liz Maestri issues a swift takedown of Michael Kaiser's ageism.

These bones might be those of the Mona Lisa.

Alec Baldwin on the government shutdown, at yesterday's Arts Advocacy Day: "I didn’t know Charlie Sheen was in Congress these days." Winning? No, by the Post's account, Arts Advocacy Day was almost a failure.

The Tiger Mom's daughter is going to Harvard. Not good enough!

Will Rebecca Black sue her producers? As long as she doesn't sue the people who did "Gang Fight," I don't care.

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