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Did Dylan sell out? Arts links for Monday

April 11, 2011 - 08:14 AM
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Bob Dylan played in China last weekend and gave the authorities agency over his set list, and Maureen Dowd is pi-issed! (James Fallows reacts to her reaction, saying the concert was plenty politically forward to his friends over there, and anyway Dylan's not that popular in China.) Dylan was equally solicitous of the government in Vietnam this weekend and even if he sold out in the sense Dowd accuses him of, he sold out only half of the house in the former Saigon. I mean, here the guy is basically fulfilling one of Jann Wenner's most feverish dreams, and the locals don't turn up? Who's gonna get an item out of that? ANSWER: ME. ROUNDED UP!

Huffington Post: Not only owning SEO on "pantless" but making a play for "bosom" allofasudden! (1, 2)

RIP: Sidney Lumet. Gil Robbins. John McCracken.

Hey Generation X, are you feeling old this morning? What about Chris Richards' aside in his Dave Grohl interview that it's been two decades since Nevermind? Gah! Wait! I got more! A Bill Callahan elder-statesman piece in the New York Times this weekend! GAAAAAH.

TENUOUSLY RELATED: Women like bourbon.

NEW ENGLAND PHOTO-BOMBING: "'We used a car battery because the projector requires great amount of power and the car battery can also be run in conjunction with a car, using the alternator to maintain the charge...So our main challenge was to change DC power to AC using an inverter to run the projector.'"

Trump v. Collins. I cannot wait for the next few months of Trump stories.

Speaking of media, here's a critique of the Washington Post's reliance on the federal government, an organization that has no influence whatsoever on the Internet.

Meet Loretta Whitesides, the woman behind Yuri's Night: "But why, Whitesides is often asked, did she have to name the celebration after Gagarin?...'Yuri was so handsome," Whitesides explained.'"

Headline that may get dusted off from time to time: Russell Brand defeats himself.

Did you watch Game of Thrones? Did it totally rule? Did it make you forgive Mel Gibson?

OFFICIAL: Classical music runs out of money. Stiffing a clarinetist! I mean, really.


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