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Kanye West with crème fraîche, Nicholas Cage's bad weekend: Arts links for Monday

April 18, 2011 - 07:37 AM
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IS THIS YOUR RENTAL HOME, NICHOLAS CAGE? On Friday, the Season of the Witch star was arrested on a charge of domestic abuse in New Orleans after an alleged drunken argument with his wife about whether the house they were standing in front of was, in fact, the one they were renting. (He visited a tattoo parlor beforehand to check if they knew.) Last month he had the cops called on him because of another drunken argument with his wife, this one involving his son Kal-el. This time, though, he was bailed out by Dog the Bounty Hunter.

If for some reason you still want to catch up with the world of entertainment, more stuff happened.

Like...Record Store Day! The annual celebration of anachronistic shopping had a heavy D.C. presence; once-local blog the Vinyl District kept it all linked together. There was a pop-up record store at Coachella! Five copies of one of the releases, the "test-pressing edition" of Big Star's Third/Sister Lovers, came with "golden tickets," and so far two lucky Charlie Buckets have claimed a ORIGINAL BIG STAR TEST PRESSING that would probably stop the hearts of a couple people I know and I dearly hope they do not win this prize. 

Hey, speaking of Coachella, that happened! Kanye West performed, and you could enjoy him in style, as long as you were prepared to spend $500 on liquor and fancy shrimp and you didn't want beer. Mumford and Sons continued their successful quest to bring Sufjan Stevens-type songs to arenas, and Prince sent a plane.

ITEM: Dilbert creator Scott Adams finds it hard to hide his “certified genius I.Q.,” gets busted for being a tool.


THE ANNUAL HOLIDAY CELEBRATING THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST takes place every year on a date determined by lunar calculations. Polish people eat kielbasa on Easter morning. This year, Easter will be on April 24, which is this coming Sunday. It's the same date as in the Eastern Orthodox Church, a rare occurrence unless you count the time it happened last year and 2007 and 2004 and 2001. Otherwise, seems like the Rapture's right on schedule.

IN CASE OF RAPTURE THERE WILL BE NO UKULELES. Which is a pity, because the New York Times really sells them in this piece.

ANOTHER FUN TIMES READ THIS WEEKEND (I am enjoying my Sunday-only subscription): How Kevin Tancharoen turned a YouTube video about reviving Mortal Kombat into an official Web series about Mortal Kombat that may be a movie at some point. Interesting quote in here from a suit at Warner Bros.: "the last thing I was going to do was shut down something the fans were so into." Introduce this person to the music biz pronto!

FORTUNATELY FOR TANCHAROEN, YouTube's new copyright reeducation camp was not in place yet.

SPEAKING OF THINGS THAT ARE BETTER ON PAPER: This photo of Catherine Deneuve in a tracksuit. Vertical and more worrying in print.

FOLLOWING TBD: The Post on "Bravos." My piece had more butt jokes.

Foo Fighters: From "Arlandria" to ODINPOWER.

DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE BILLBOARD AWARDS? I don't, but here are the noms.


Why aren't lady detectives indelible? Is Greg Mortensen a fraud? Is covering the royal wedding boring? Spanish art thieves BUSTED.

Today on TBD: Sarah Godfrey GETS YOU READY FOR ZEP FEST. Last week, not that you'd know it from the headline, the Arts Blog sat in on a Kehinde Wiley talk.



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