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Kegasus is more legendary than the Gray's Anatomy musical episode morning arts links

April 1, 2011 - 07:00 AM
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Media darling KEGASUS (TBD style says we are always supposed to refer to him in all-caps) is starting to make the interview rounds, and you know what? No one's interview with him is as legendary as my editor, Andrew Beaujon's. Read it here. The Baltimore Sun interviewed him and they ask some pretty lame questions, like wondering how Baltimore residents can be legendary in a safe way. Missing the point, guys! When you interview Kegasus, you haven't succeeded until he challenges you to a game of cornhole. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Sports Report is not down to party, neither are taxpayers.

Excerpt from this live chat of Gray's Anatomy's musical episode that I discovered:

"Are doctors really allowed to operate on their friends? I never know what the rules with that are."

"I don't think so, but I don't think there's anyone on staff who isn't her friend."

"And this is the only hospital in Seattle"

An in-depth look at Nam June Paik.

Prince William will not wear a wedding ring, GASP.

Best Roof Talk Ever points out the worst of the worst reality TV shows, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Friday! Friday!

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