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Raheem DeVaughn predicts robots will replace boyfriends in the future

April 11, 2011 - 01:45 PM
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R&B singer/DMV native Raheem DeVaughn recently released his eleventh mixtape project, Heemy Taught Me. The first single is "B.O.B," which is not a reference to the Atlanta rapper behind the hit song "Nothin' On You," but an acronym for "Battery-Operated Boyfriend."

In the song, and the accompanying sci-fi, Tron-inspired video, DeVaughn imagines that, in the future, all human men have been banished from earth, and women are forced to couple up with robot stand-ins.

Not surprisingly, DeVaughn thinks this imaginary turn of events stinks. "B.O.B can't kiss those thighs/B.O.B. can't share your morning rise," he sings on the track.

DeVaughn is hardly the first musician to fantasize about/warn against a future of automaton love, a la Cherry 2000.

Inspired by DeVaughn's latest, a few other great songs about robot sex, and other forms of technology-assisted lovin'.

Zapp, "Computer Love": An obvious choice, but the 1985 jam is still one of the best R&B/funk songs about love and technology.

50 Cent and Justin Timberlake, "Ayo Technology": They're "tired of using technology," ladies! C'mon!

R. Kelly, "Remote Control": Of course R. Kelly has a song that fits the bill. The track, from the album Chocolate Factory, isn't so much about automated sex, as it is him using machine-speak metaphors for sex, i.e. "push fast forward" and "put that ass on pause."

Fun with Animals, "Test of Love and Sex": The best part is the refrain "Ver-y ex-cited now!" repeated over and over in a choppy robotic voice.

Jefferson Airplane, "Plastic Fantastic Lover": The lyrics here could reference any number of freaky things, but we're going to assume descriptions such as "her neon mouth with the blinking soft smile" refer to a fetching cyborg.

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