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Smithsonian space jam: Your TBD morning links

April 13, 2011 - 06:30 AM
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Good morning!

The Smithsonian's getting the Discovery space shuttle. Bet this headline got the song in your head! You're welcome.

Our real-life Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of an Oscar Wilde character for blackmail.

The Phillips Collection has a blog!

The founder of teen mag Tiger Beat has passed away.

Borders employees: So bitter, so funny!

Do these abandoned theaters make you sad?

Does this story about Justin Bieber's political faux-pas on a trip to Israel make you sad?

I don't even have to ask, because I know that these Peanuts comics with the fourth panel removed will make you sad.

Oh hey, and while we're on the topic of sad, how about those $560,000 of oil spill relief money that was instead spent on Doobie Brothers and Lynryd Skynyrd concerts? Cleaning up oil-soaked birds – NOT the same as "Play Free Bird."

Two people who love The Notebook as much as they love each other.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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